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Broadsides: She Broke The Rules. Tehran 1974, Blue Background



Broadsides, She Broke The Rules. Tehran 1974, Blue Background. From the project The Mullah & The Pusher. In Lieu of the camel as a background it has a pale blue color.

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She Broke The Rules

Tehran, 1974

I'm walking down Eisenhower--
the only street in Tehran
named after an American idiot
instead of an Islamic idiot--
for all the world like a free man.
The men are busy picking their noses,
scratching their crotches
and exposing pathetic equipment.
The women see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.
The more nothing they see,
the more the men go insane.
They call every woman a whore,
with the single exception of mother.
Not a one of them has figured out
that this makes each man's mother
every other man's whore.

Instead they talk dirty and wag their weenies,
cop feels and imprison their sisters.

So when I hear the crowd gasp
I turn just in time to see this lady
swing her purse at arm's length.
The purse is loaded with
powdered brick and plumber's lead.
She hits this guy along side the head
and lays him out, flat on the asphalt.

"Hal-a-fucking-lew-ya," I think.
I don't know what this asshole did,
I just know that he deserved it.

The next thing that crosses my mind
is a picture of this mob of angry morons
beating a single woman to death--
a taste of Islamic justice.

"No goddamn way," I think,
puffing out my chest like John Wayne,
flexing righteous biceps,
flashing the heroic glare.
If they want to hassle this
Iranian Joan of Arc, they are going
to have to go through me--
But the men don't do a thing.

About thirty women jump the lady
and right there in the middle
of Eisenhower Street
they beat the liberation
clean out of her.