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Broadsides: Minnie & Mickie, Vietnqm



Broadsides, Minnie & Mickie, Vietnqm. From 99% Pacified. efore Flo joined me in Saigon, we took a ride through the boondocks toward Long Binh. A small girl saved my life. Up north, near Khe Sanh, another small pair of brother and sister children met a different end.

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Minnie & Mickie

Minnie and Mickey
are what the grunts call them.
They don't have real names
and they are brother and sister.
Minnie is 13 and once had a doll.
Mickey is 9 and used to be a child.

The grunts all took Minnie into the bush
for some quick pussy
and Mickey ran errands,
cleaned weapons, shined boots
and smoked with the GI's.
One day Minnie stepped on a mine
and they put all her parts
in a small plastic bag.
No one could find her pussy
for one last punch in the bush
but a few days later
Mickey is hit by a rocket
while smoking with the guys
and both his arms are blown off.
The medic tries to treat him
but the cigarette is still burning
in the fingers of the severed arm
and when it burns down to fingers
and burns them into charcoal
Mickey screams that he can
feel the burn and the medic
shoots home the morphine
and now the grunts
have to shine their own boots
and go in the bush
with five finger Mary.