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Broadsides: Hands & Generations, Anasazi Ruin 1976



Broadsides, Hands & Generations, Anasazi Ruin 1976. From RiverRun. The Anasazi ruin is probably buried now under so mant feet of rereational lake. The petoglyphs were on an underhang of the cliff face. It is not possible to not wonder who they were, where did they go, what sort of life did they lead. No different, I suspect, than yours or mine.

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Hand Petroglyphs in an Anasazi Ruin 1976

Hands splashing over stone.
The stone that made the cliff.
The cliff of the painted snake
and the snake swallowed the river.
The river swallowed the sun.
The sun beneath its belly.
Its belly a twisting river.
The river a quarter mile across the sand.
The sand white and burning beneath the cliff.
The cliff pushing against the sky.
The sky falls into night.
The night eats the sun.
The sun paints the snake.
The snake brings the generations.
The generations paint the cliff with hands.

It was forest once.
The people gathered food from the river.
In the best times
there were many people.
So long ago
the earth drank the sky
dry as sand.
The river cut deeper.
The land became desert.
A new people came.

The people
painted generations of hands on the cliff.
Painted the snake.
Painted the sun.
Left nothing

but bones.