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Assemblages: Three Chairs, Creel



Assemblages, Three Chairs, Creel, from the project Riding South. Wandering around San Cristobal de las Casas in the Sierra Madre of the Yucatan I shot the little boy with his kite trapped in the overhead wires and I shot this Red & Yellow door. Even a robot, armed with camera, can randomly shoot pictures in San Crostobal de las Casas and get art.

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1 Image, plus 1 printed matt board



Three Chairs

Creel, 1979

Three chairs sitting in the sun,
shadows smiling against the wall behind
waiting for behinds to sit
on their seats,
sitting in the sun.

In the years swallowed by the sun
the behinds of a triangle of lovers
sat in these seats, in this sun, their shadows
pressing against the stone behind.
One lover died of shame,
another died of self inflicted wounds
and the third died of a broken heart.

For a time, an old Indian man sat smoking
in the sun, wondering where his world had gone
and why he left no shadow on the stone behind.

Later, three pillars of the community,
the banker, the mayor and the lawyer,
sat in the morning gloom, sipping strong coffee
and counting up the profits of commerce and power
and the petty theft of little minds.

Nowadays a solitary tourist
will sometimes plant their better half
on the seat of one chair or another.
The chairs, having nothing better to do, take bets
on which seat the seats of tourists will sit on,
baking in the morning sun, drinking strong coffee
and calculating their odds of living through the day.
Mostly the chairs are sad even when the sun shines.
They grow morose in the afternoon rain.

The sun is a little warmer when a reason and purpose
sits a behind on a seat and casts a strong shadow
against the stone behind.

It is good to have a use in a disappearing world.

Even with a new coat of paint –

without a purpose, it is lonely in the sun.