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Response Knee Jerk Jingoism

Exploding Via E-Mail

Regarding The Terrorist Attack Of  9/11/2001


This paper is an extract based on my response to an assault via an avalanche of email by knee jerk jingoists and the intellectually impaired in reaction to the 9/11 attack. Based on the concept that the triumph of stupidity requires only that good men do nothing, I could not let such egregious and appalling assaults on common sense and common decency stand.

For the sake of clarity I have lumped the babble of the morons into two types; the brain dead jingoist and the intellectual invertebrate.



I have long assumed that a very small group of intelligent terrorists could literally destroy the U.S. What surprises me is why they accomplished so little. They must have restrained themselves for some reason. It seems to me that the strike was committed more in terms of a message than in terms of crippling destruction.

There was a saying in Nam, “anybody can kill anybody.” We count on civilization to survive with minimum confrontation, something we had lost by the Nixon era. There is no particular reason why the Pentagon should ever be safe.

As for the budget of unintelligence agencies — well, robbing the human needs of the defenseless to pay for the destruction of someone else's human needs is just about as savage as the jungle can get. Furthermore, it is useless. You cannot disprove the existence of blue unicorns somewhere in the universe no matter how much money you spend.

Instead of braying about how much money and muscle we need to continue plundering the rest of the world, perhaps we should make the world a little more tolerable place for other people to live in. If we ceased destroying the lives of 80% of the rest of world's populations we would not need to take extraordinary means to defend ourselves. That would be a real democracy based on truly humanistic values.

In other words, when Cheney helped engineer a blockade of Iraq that killed 3 million people, mostly children, it just might have pissed someone off. Cheney made 50 million dollars killing three million people. We get the Trade Towers and the Pentagon blown away.


Shame on us.





As for GW Bush, how, at the world's current most critical moment, is the world's most powerful office occupied by the world's dumbest man?

It is a case of extreme embarrassment whenever his face appears on the tube. He seems to have only two expressions; belligerence or profound stupidity.

The brain dead jingoist seems to think that Bush rescued us from Gore, who is a communist. If Gore is a commie, then GW is Attila the Hun. My god, where do jingoists find this stuff? Clinton/Gore work for the same people that GW does. There isn't gnat's ass difference between them. They are all spawn of Reagan.

No, we are not a democracy and never have been. Calling us a Republic does not rectify the damage done to our political freedoms and rights, nor does it excuse our behavior on the world stage. It does admit that the use of word "democracy" as a veneer to cover up our most egregious conduct can no longer be as effective as a propaganda tool.

We do not even believe in our own democracy anymore.

Listen to the news; they all want to spend the non existent social security surplus in order to pursue an ineffective and useless program of revenge, retribution and retaliation. That is, they want to deprive their own citizens of health care, decent food and wages, and a social network in order to protect them from madmen that they have created in the first place.

By the way, just who are they going to go to war against? Afghanistan children? Very few people's needs are being met in America, and there is no way to accomplish this by hard work. Ask any grape picker, homeless person, or the impoverished. The only opportunity presented here is a for a minority to be well paid wage slaves in order to enrich a diminishing number of the super wealthy.

Actually, we only perform rescue operations in the world where commercial markets are threatened. As for humane responses to catastrophe, we could care less. Witness the Balkans and Africa. Our free market policy has led to 6% of the world's population enslaving the lower 70% of the population for their labor, resources, wealth and power.

The US free market fundamentalism is a globalized economic parasite. That is why the terrorists chose the Trade Towers. It contained the businesses from 26 different nations. In fact it represented the behavior of international and globalized corporations and "free market" (which are neither free nor a market) predation. Mostly effected through the World Bank and the IMF for the benefit of the United States.

Clearly, the brain dead jingoists believe that terrorists organized themselves for years, spent untold amounts of wealth, risked warfare and the destruction of whole third world nations, assumed the wrath of American angels of retribution for no reason whatsoever. Or perhaps, simply because they do not like us.

Only an American populace could voice such unmitigated self righteousness, such shameless conceit, such abysmal self delusion as to actually believe that America does no harm in the world, but only good.

When over half the world is in poverty and starvation and a child dies every 8 seconds as a result the American economic hegemony, then there is something fundamentally wrong with US globalized free market behavior.

As for stupid, the Iraqi blockade is not even remotely analogous to the annihilation of Jews, it is analogous to the economic blockade of Germany following WWI, that killed half a million Germans and led directly to Hitler along with a little fracas called WWII which accounted for another 60 to 80 million casualties.

No. Take some responsibility. We killed Iraqis knowing that Sadam would let them die for no other reason than good propaganda. Stupid is when you kill people in a manner that not only does not accomplish the stated goals, but is guaranteed to backfire with events such the attack on the Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

Stupidity of almost transcendental sublimity.

And then to profit from it.

Now that does border on evil.

The reason no one can run away from America is because it has trashed the rest of the world, and anywhere you go you are more than likely to die from American aggression and economic predation. But of course, we have a health care system here in order to kill off our own citizens whose property we want to confiscate, and a prison system to incarcerate the rest.

The free and the brave my aching ass.



It is quit true that entrenched ignorance is pervasive around the world.

However, American ignorance is not so forgivable for two reasons:


1. We are not supposed to be ignorant. We use our supposed knowledge and sophistication as a veneer to disguise our profound ignorance, and more, our inability to think.

Witness the knee jerk jingoism we have seen in these emails. These are people who haven't read Thucydides, let alone are aware of Hobbesian traps. They do not seem to be aware even of modern history in any deeper level than surface skimming. Worse, they do not care and are not able to think their way out of authoritarian claims contrary to historical fact. Next thing you know, they will claim there never was a holocaust. Worst of all, they do not see how any of this applies to themselves.

In fact, the jingoists claim that it passes for some kind of valid argument to justify our aberrant behavior by claiming we have a Republic as opposed to a democracy. They seem totally oblivious to the fact the Roman Republic ended when Caesar crossed the Rubicon at the head of his legions. The vaunted American Republic ended when Bush stormed the Oval Office at the head of his lawyers.

2. If we believe our own propaganda and assume that we inhabit some sort of democracy, then the level of our ignorance is far too deep to actually support a democratic government and its institutions.

The point is that the rest of the world's indulgence in ignorance, fanaticism and sociopathic behavior does not excuse us from sinking to their level.

The jingoist now falls back on insipid slogans in place of reasoned discourse.

And so, here it is, the ultimate refuge of scoundrels, jingoists and the intellectually challenged: “Love it or leave it.”

Anyone heard that one before?

The good jingoist had better find a nice brown shirt to wear and some comfy hob nail boots to stamp out dissent and free speech.


Debating with a brain dead jingoist and intellectual invertebrates is like having an intellectual duel with an unarmed man.

Why do ignorant jingoists always revert to, "Why don't you leave?"

Such simplistic idiocy is almost beneath a response. Naturally, all fascists want their dissenters to disappear. But worse, they see no value in dissent or free speech, most likely because they see no value in democracy.

Yes, much of the rest of the world is often in worse shape than the US. Some because they always have been, but the majority because of Western mercantile capitalism and its many descendents, which began in the fifteenth century, and has subsumed the third world into its predatory economic empire. That empire is now largely enforced by the US.

There are other, and most definitely better places in the world, more humane, more democratic, more respectful of other humans; Scandinavia, New Zealand, etc. There are thirty of forty nations that rank higher than the US in quality of life. There are thirty some nations that are ranked higher in health care and all at lower costs. There are numerous countries without huge homeless problems. There are innumerable places that are just plain nicer in terms of turmoil, injustice, pace of living and outrageous and unnecessary stress.

In most of these countries they are less xenophobic than the US, and although a foreigner would be better treated there than a foreigner would be in the US, the reason no self-respecting dissenter of good will would not want to leave is this —

For an American, this is our cultural roots, and unlike mentally challenged jingoists shouting “love it or leave it,” good men should be willing to stand up and dissent, to protest and to fight for those American values worth saving and to change those that need revision.

It is not possible to respect a flag, its government and its politicians when they act contrary to democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, equality and liberty. A person is an American because of connections to its people, its geography and its culture, not because of jingoism, a flag, or “my country right or wrong.”

To ask why a loyal dissenter does not leave is a desperate assault on common decency and on democracy itself and is based on profound ignorance. If the jingoist had any education, or knew history, he might realize that in every collapsing culture there are those who fight to save it. It would do no good to recall the history of Athens since the average jingoist seems to be unaware of historical events that proceed his most recent birthday.

Like Athens was then, America is now the most progressive and enlightened nation on the planet. It has, however slid back more than 80 years in the last 21 years. It is on its way to collapse, decline and dismemberment. And just as in Athens there are many who would like to save it, would like to rebuild what America has lost and is about to lose more of.

Most Americans with brains and good will do not want to see America slide into the fascist state the typical jingoist seems to prefer. What we want is the return of a real and improved democracy. We want a return of humane values.

By the way, as for human rights violators, the US ranks among the highest. The homeless, the plundering of the elderly and the powerless, the polarization the classes, the treatment of prisoners, the mentally disabled, the poor and the immigrants, the plundering and elimination of the middle class, the crucifixion of gays, the ongoing brutalization of blacks, the killing of doctors for performing abortions, the murder of three million Iraqis for the benefit of Dick Cheney's bank account, the Vietnam War, war crimes, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, torture in Nam, the slaughter of Cambodia, the destruction of Nicaragua, the overthrow of Allende and the installations of torture and murder in Chile, the institutionalization of a drug culture and the Drug War, the genocide in the Philippines, the allowing of genocide in Bosnia, Africa and elsewhere, all beginning with the slaughter of ten million native Americans utilizing rape, torture, genocide and biological warfare. etc., etc., etc..

America is historically the most violent and war prone nation in the history of mankind.

By “human rights” the jingoist simply means the ability to maintain his right to plunder anyone less powerful than himself in order for to live a life of ease and comfort while their victims live in poverty, sickness, starvation and hopelessness.

Talk about hypocrisy, the jingoist shouts about human rights and the quality of life while using it as a smoke screen to plunder the rights and the quality of life of billions of others, for no other reason than to enhance their own parasitic life and to clutter up the band width with idiocy.

Jingoistic idiots are just about to destroy everything of value in America. Why should any American of good will leave it to the tender mercies of jingoism and stupidity. Someone has to remain to dissent. Remember dissent? It is a time honored and critical component of free speech. Remember free speech? It is a critical constituent of democracy. Remember democracy? It is what we now claim we never had.

The jingoist would love to get rid of free speech, right along with democracy, which has been so conveniently thrown out along with the right wing bath water.

Thank god Americans still have the right to whine. Whining, protest and dissent is the only mechanism left to alter the course of a democracy gone insane with hysteria. Small men, simple minded fascist such as the knee-jerk jingoist will suppress that soon enough. The typical brain dead jingoist does not have any actual knowledge of the Nazi takeover of Germany other than the simplistic distortions offered by the Right, the KKK and the American Nazi party.

But since Reagan democracy has been thoroughly eradicated in the US by the corporate takeover of the government and the monopolization of the media. America is now the place where you can say anything you want but no one is allowed to hear it.

Congratulations, the barbarians are inside the gates.

America, just as for the Athenians, the Spartans are not merely inside the gates; they are now the gatekeepers. There are always enough morons like the brain dead jingoist in any free and open society who are willing to throw open the gates and hand over everything that made America great to the barbarians. It is people like the jingoist that guarantee that one day America will be ruled by the very terrorists that America has created.

It won't be long. Unless there are enough people to whine in dissent, they will soon tear down the long walls.

Welcome to the dark ages, Alcibiades.

Oh, by the way, if brain dead jingoists are going to engage in debate with their intellectual betters, then they ought to get educated — and they will definitely have to come up with something that can pass for cogent reasoning, actual facts and a few genuine thoughts in lieu of shouting slogans like "love it or leave it."

Indeed, if the jingoists love fascism so much, why don't they live in China? But please, don't leave on our account. We need people like you in what is left of our democracy, if for no other reason,. to make us look halfway smart.


Another man of limited intellect and missing a spine altogether writes what he must assume to be conciliatory drivel, thinking that he is introducing the voice of reason, but actually he is promoting a hysterical and jingoistic war by claiming we should lay aside our differences and unite behind our leadership.

This is sublime idiocy indeed.

The sentiment of conciliation is well taken and, yes, the Trade Tower catastrophe is inexcusable.

However, uniting behind a leadership that is giving every indication of not only doing the wrong thing, but exacerbating the situation would be morally indefensible.

This is not a case of "My country right or wrong." That is dangerously close to mob mentally.

The problem is not that Americans should not defend ourselves, if we must. The problem is that revenge, retaliation and retribution against innocent civilians of other nations is only going to make an explosive situation border on world war, Armageddon in fact, and a generations long state of globalized guerilla warfare.. Do the jingoists really think that 60 nations are going to take American invasiveness lying down? America is further faced with the embarrassing moral dilemma of having created these psychopaths in the first place.

We need cooler heads than the “leadership” is displaying. We need a calmer and more considered approach and viable alternatives to random slaughter. We need to act in a morally defensible way in order to mollify the grievances, imagined or real, of those in the world who are currently enraged with us.

Any real solution would involve curtailing America’s abusive economic policies in the third world. Our “leadership” is not capable of making any rational plans in that direction at all. They do not even admit the situation.

When the “leadership” displays more considered thinking it will be time to unite behind them, until then it is critical that thinking and responsible individuals voice their dissent and protest in the hope of effecting a more rational response to this disaster.

So, respectfully, not only should we not unite behind a “leadership” that shows every indication of behaving in an unethical and self destructive manner, we should make every effort to vote the rascals out.

Finally, the brain dead jingoist cuts me off by blocking my emails and refuses to respond. So one worthwhile goal has been achieved, to silence at least one voice for raging stupidity, venality, greed and inhumane aggression.

In any case, just as suspected, the jingoist had no rational argument or response other than simplistic slogans.

Then this simple minded individual wants to impress the world by claiming he makes so much money he can donate trivial amounts the Republican party and the NRA.

Apparently, he is so simple minded as to assume that the temporary acquisition of money is somehow related to intelligence. It isn't. In fact, it is one of the major delusions of our time, that all other values must be incorporated into and subsumed by dollar equivalencies. It is the dregs of Calvinism to equate intelligence and moral standing with the acquisition of ill-gotten wealth, when in fact, it is usually the opposite. Only the simple minded have the time to devote their life to the pursuit of other people's money.

Only the intellectually impoverished, the emotionally arrested, the spiritually vacant and the infantile egotists have the time to plug their internal void by stealing other people’s money and abrogating the control of the thoughts, lives, economic well being, ethical health and political preferences of their ethical betters into the tender mercies of the stupid and the brutal.

And in fact, the acquisition of wealth is more often done by low cunning, not intelligence, and there is not doubt as to the ethical standing of most of the rich.

But even more telling is that when the morally deficient and intellectually challenged cannot get their way by a democratic vote or by rational discourse, they simply assume that they can purchase government and politicians to arrange things to their benefit.

Marginal thinking at best.

The NRA Jingoist chimes in with grandiose praise for might makes right and he who has the gun cannot be wrong. Well — that certainly speaks volumes regarding his mental horsepower.

Needless to say, this mindset certainly represents the lower spectrum. No doubt, he will one day be president.

As for Vietnam Vets, there are certainly many who are confused individuals and do think, as is being suggested, in a jingoistic and naďve patriotism. Presumably, they are in varying states of denial about their relation to a government who so blithely sold them down the river.

A mind of this caliber, of such simplistic black and white thinking, needs only to be responded to in order to let the rest of the world know that there is a vigorous opposing view. As is usual with this sort of weak mindedness, he would rather that all opposing views were silenced.

No doubt he has never heard of Edmund Burke who said something like, "All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

So, when confronted with immoral or dangerous thinking, it is our duty to whine and dissent.



One again the voice-of-reason intellectual invertebrate tries to silence dissent by espousing a futile program of revenge.

It is, nice invective but not very thoughtful. It is still nothing more than pent up frustration and rage and a lot of misplaced patriotic frenzy to no particular purpose.

The issue is not what the terrorists are saying to us, although that has been clear for years.

The issue is that we are about destroy Western civilization and the US in particular by becoming them. This concerns the damage over and above the loss of our civil rights, economic collapse and the institution of a militaristic state.

Right now the strategy seems to be that we engage in various levels of selective military strikes in over 50 different countries and against a number of terrorist organizations. Bin Laden has over 10,000 operatives alone. That is a lot of perps for American vigilantes to round up in their ever escalating boot stomping around the world rooting out evil.

The least we can expect is a second strike in retaliation to our retaliation. Since they have nothing left to lose it will probably be far more aggressive and catastrophic than 9/11. Best guess would be biological weapons, dirty bombs, infrastructure crippling; but then there are a innumerable choices open to them. Our response seems to be confined to bombing innocent civilians back into the stone age.

Far more serious is that we have now globalized the same sort of war we had in Viet Nam. In Viet Nam the terrorists, called the NVA or Viet Cong, maintained themselves by blending into a vast and sympathetic population. The more we tried to kill them, the more of the sympathetic population we destroyed, the more enraged they became and the more enemies we acquire.

We lost that war.

Now we want to pursue the same type of guerilla war on a global scale, and this time it will include our own American territory.

The vast majority of the global population is already angry with the US, but probably neutral at this point. As we begin killing Islamic terrorists and the local sympathetic populations they will blend into, the more enemies we will create.

We will enlist the governments of other industrial states, just as we did in Viet Nam and the war will spill over into the rest of the third world, just as it did into Laos and Cambodia. A starting base of 50 to 60 countries is no trivial amount. As it spills over into Africa and Latin America the war will increase globally.

Eventually it will be the governments of the industrial states going broke and destroying markets executing a war with the impoverished majority of the globe.

The war will finally be fought on US soil, not in Afghanistan.

And, we will loose, since there is no way to beat a guerilla force in a sympathetic population and since that population is world wide, there will be no home to retreat to.

We cannot win such a war. The best we can hope for is a defeat in which we maintain some shred of sovereignty, democracy and economic stability. But that is unlikely.

No one is even considering the reasonable alternative, make peace with the enraged majority and disaffected populations now, while we still have a planet worth living on. Yes, actually address their needs as if they were human beings just like us.

The idea is straightforward: psychopathic terrorists such as Bin Laden can only be neutralized by nullifying his support in the broad populations of enraged and dispossessed peoples. The only way this can be done is to improve their standard of living. This leaves the terrorists no place to hide and no source of support.

In order to live in a safer world then it is imperative that life must be made more tolerable for the vast majority of disaffected human beings on planet earth.

So either the human race manages to barely survive into brutal dark ages of savagery and ignorance, or the day of cattle theft capitalism and predatory free market plundering are over.

Time for the human species to grow up or crawl back into the jungle.

It is clear that there is no good outcome to any of the proposed strategies. Merely thrashing out for blood and revenge will destroy the way of life that is being so loudly praised.

We need cooler heads. We do not GW Bush and the Patton mentality, we need Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. But then, they would probably be in prison here. As would that Jesus character they so highly idolize.

Such patriotic calls to military solutions are simply suicidal.

No doubt the jingoists and the intellectual invertebrates have had their anthrax inoculations in joyous anticipation of America Uber Alles.


Infantile egotism is the assumption that no other real human beings truly exist but one's self and one's own wants.

Capitalism, whatever it's current incarnation, represents a deep philosophical flaw which is based on the assumption that our current human state is the end point of human and all other forms of evolution. It assumes that we behave badly, selfishly, according to laws of jungle, much as in Social Darwinism, and that some complex social behaviors like economics which can never be controlled are best left unregulated at the mercy of their own internal forces. It further states that this condition can never evolve into something better.

It ignores intelligence as a self evolutionary factor, that we have evolved intelligence precisely to transcend the laws of the jungle.

The funny thing is, they want economic forces to be unregulated but other complex social behaviors, such as government, they want to have total control over. And, not surprisingly, in the opinion of the jingoist, the stupid and the forces of fascism, they are the only humans on the planet smart enough to claim such control.

They derive a corollary from this, or more to the point, a justification, which then assumes that market forces always lead to equilibrium. So everything is fair.

That is, of course, false. Unregulated economies are rife with positive feedback and therefore the rich get richer and the powerful get more powerful. It is well known what the poor and powerless get.

What this truly means is that free markets tend toward monopolies and to economic feeding frenzies by the rich and powerful, which in turn leads to Trade Towers being destroyed. Communism has never been defeated since communism has never been tried. There is no example of a communist economy operating in a semi enlightened democracy. They all have been totalitarian states, in which authoritarian power increases with population expansion, so that as the population expands so does totalitarianism, in either free market or in communistic economies.

So, the dismemberment of the USSR was a sage decision on Gorbachev's part, a true political hero, who realized what was happening and ended the Hobbesian trap.

The US's contribution was to outspend the USSR by credit card mentality. Reagan merely taxed the next three generations to pay for spending the USSR into bankruptcy. It was a tactical stroke of genius but a strategic catastrophe for the humans of this world and for the next few generations of American tax payers.

This resulted in that tidal wave of profit taking which has since been very successful at destroying all other value systems and therefore the very fabric of our society.

Grim. It is now an out of control, rampant and run-away race to the bottom, and there is no longer any social mechanism left for the system to correct itself; democracy is dead, the educated electorate has disappeared, the media has be incorporated, the middle class is evaporating, the government has been purchased and we are about to get one of their most cherished goals, another quantum leap toward a totalitarian police state.

Appealing to our politicians and representatives is, on the surface, the correct thing to do. But it is fraught with confusion.

First, it is doubtful if any of them are remain un-owned to the extent that they can actually effect anything that contributes to the survival of the human species.

But even if there are a few who remain with integrity intact, then who? There is no certainty as to which of our current zoo of political prostitutes is worth wasting an email on. Even if one or a few exist, there is no actual means of reaching them.

There is no practical means of communication available that will not simple be lost in the avalanche of naive jingoism, or be ignored as aberrant or un-patriotic.






A Petition To The “Leadership”

We who are signing the following petition are appealing for a more moderate and rational response to the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001.

We believe that the current rhetoric and proposed actions are too hasty and hysterical in reaction to the natural shock and grief resulting from the horrendous inhumanity committed by the terrorists.
We believe that there is not sufficient consideration given to the risks involved and to the general level the military responses being considered.

We believe that cooler heads should give more consideration to the following risks:

1. Second strikes that may be already in place, and those that may be put in place in response to our response, including more drastic terrorist attacks such as biological weapons which could possibly result in the deaths of millions of American citizens.

2. The general escalation of such a war into a
Viet Nam type guerilla war on a global scale. Such a war might lead to wholesale slaughter of world wide, innocent populations. Should such an outcome occur, this may well result in massive Responses including nuclear devastation.

3. The concomitant loss of our quality of life, degradation of democracy, loss of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, civil rights in addition to the suffering caused to millions of American citizens as a result of a diversion of funds from human needs such as health, education, welfare, infrastructure, etc. into a considerably risky military adventure.


We also believe that more and cooler consideration should be given to a lessened militaristic response in favor of a more conciliatory and diplomatic approach. We are NOT suggesting that the perpetrators or future perpetrator of terrorist act be absolved, or go unpunished.

We are suggesting that they do have broad based support in a world wide population of disenfranchised, disempowered and disaffected people who are, rightly or wrongly, enraged with American economic, militaristic and political policies abroad.

We are suggesting that some consideration be given to the approach that the best means of neutralizing the backing and resources for terrorists worldwide is to take immediate steps to lessen the hostility and rage against the America of these vast, global populations.

Michael Andrews

14 Sep 2001



After The Assault Of The Brain Dead Jingoists


America was almost a democracy once.

It once had a chance to become a democracy.


Western civilization died with WWI.




I was born Huck Fin. I was Tom Sawyer.


The America of Mark Twin died in the Vietnam War. So did our innocence and joi d’vive


We replaced joy with cheap thrills and trivial pleasures.

We substituted lust and greed for vision.


Democracy died when the electorate became stupid enough to elect Ronald Reagan.

They killed education and thinking.

They stole the media and free press.

The commandeered public opinion and dictated political thought.

They removed the economy from all restraint, civil and ethical.

They stole the treasury and gave it the rich.


The Roman Republic died when Caesar crossed the Rubicon and assaulted Rome at the head of his legions.

The American Republic died with Emperor Bush assaulted the Oval Office at the head of his army of lawyers.


Western civilization died on 09/11/01 when the first plane hit the Trade Towers.


They have stolen the treasury to give to defense,

to New York City, to the stock holders of the airlines,

to the economic barracudas who own the insurance industry,

to the creation and exploitation of the new American Police state.

They give nothing to our own poor and needy.

They give nothing to our street people.

They give nothing to our disabled.

They have suspended our civil liberties.

They have confiscated the right to privacy.

They have eliminated due process.

They have abrogated our self determination.

They have suppressed free speech.

They have castrated the free press.

They have confiscated democracy.

They have stolen America.


I wake up in the morning in a land of strangers and foreigners.

They do not read Huck Fin anymore.

I listen to Corelli’s Concerti Grossi.


The music is dying now.


I am alone in the twilight of Western Civilization.


There is no one left to warn.


When the tyrant first appears, he comes as a savior.

When the dictator first appears, he comes as a protector.


They have stolen our lives.




Michael Andrews

Oct 27, 2001