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Greetings From
The Last Few Days of Peace
In My Lifetime

Michael Andrews

13 Mar 2003

In The Twilight Of The American Dream

Post Armageddon Guerrilla Resistance


Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.                                                                                        Albert Einstein

Julius Caesar returned to Italy in triumph in the first century CE, content to have left Gaul " well-supplied with luxuries and accustomed to defeat."

The horse is out of the barn.   A stupid farmer after closing the barn door.

Huckleberry Finn don’t live here no more. He’s gone fishing in France.     Michael Andrews

Regime change begins at home

The only axis of evil on planet earth currently occupies the White House.

I used to believe that ostensibly responsible adults behave in dangerous and sociopathic ways that fell into one of three classes; either 1) stupid, 2) insane or, 3) evil in an ethically malignant sense. I see that in George W. Bush we have all three combined into a very dangerous person indeed.

Every possible thing Saddam has been accused of doing or just perhaps being able to do, the US has done many times and in far greater magnitude.

Who is going to protect me from Bush?

The most serious problem with the human protest against insanity, evil and stupidity is that is remains entirely reactive to only the most obvious forms of catastrophe. The reactive response is most often too late to matter. The horse is already our of the barn. Closing the barn door now is a waste of time.

Such active protest was no where in sight two years ago, five, twenty-three years ago when intelligent and proactive action may have save the world from this potential end game.

Apparently, only certain and catastrophic annihilation gets the attention of Homo sapiens. They are otherwise too apathetic, too spoiled and too stupid to take notice when a Reagan steals their economy and democracy, or when a Clinton gives away the right to control sociopathic free market fundamentalism, or when one Bush or another destroys the quality of their life, steals all their remaining wealth, eliminates civil liberties, destroys the fabric of international cooperation and peace, and if perfectly willing to kill millions, perhaps hundreds of millions for nothing less than simple theft and the infantile fantasies of a neighborhood bully.

There is every good reason to protest against a war knowing that cannot be stopped. But this instance, however, begins to take on the whiff of self congratulation, the assuaging of personal guilt, the final scream of despair after realizing that they have stupidly let things go far past the point of no return. It is beginning to look like a way of avoiding active protest against the things that are the real cause, that would make a real difference. Probably because at some level below their cognitive abilities, the current protestors have realized that real change would involve some form of self sacrifice that they are not willing to make.

It is not that such protest is merely useless. It is that is harmful in at least two ways:

1.        The belief that such protest can have an effect on stopping a war about to be perpetrated by a savage moron such as George Bush only creates a guaranteed sense of failure. Further protests are forgone because those who placed too great a faith in a hopeless endeavor and who will be subsequently too broken hearted to fight another day.

2.        It distracts from action that could have effective value. Important opportunities are lost because too much vital energy is focused on the a hopeless endeavor.



The current histrionics and moral tap dancing that is obscuring the inevitable march to war is no longer worth the required waste of  energy to protest. That energy is distracted from the next battle which is to be fought for nothing less than the survival of the human species.

When Field Marshall Colin Powell, or that gang of related thugs occupying the White House, fails to present anything resembling evidence that would justify a war of conquest and occupation, he is primarily acting as a snake oil salesman. His goal is to obscure the lack of justification for a war, and to encourage the war frenzy of the stupid. When his bald assertions, baseless innuendoes and circumstantial white noise was refuted by Blix on the 14th, the relentless forward motion of the war machine did not even stumble.

It barely noticed millions of people protesting world wide.

It is perfectly willing to disregard the universal opinion of the governments of its international peers. And it is perfectly willing to kill millions to prove it.

The Has Never Been A Weapon Invented By Humans That Has Not Been Used

Although the US and Britain are isolated in the UN, NATO and in the world community, the military buildup has continued on a massive scale. The massive expense in terms of both dollars and political capital for such an invasion was never meant to be just an idle threat created for no other reason than to promote diplomatic results and disarmament by inspection. It has been undertaken in order to be used. In fact, the special forces are already on the ground, aggressive flights over Iraqi air space are at maximum levels, and judicial bombing has begun at the operational fringe. All this is merely escalating a war which has already been in operation for the past ten years.

Today the Global Idiot will announce war. It will be a war in fact by the end of the week.

Imperium has already been granted to Bush in October of 2002 by Gephardt and the ethical failure of nerve of the Democratic Party. The hysterical attempts by Kennedy and other attempts in the House to rescind their previous error were futile, too little, too late and hopeless. The Bush Imperium in collusion with its co-conspirator, Tony Blair, will meet the timetable that they announced long ago; sometime after the Hajj, sometime this Spring, sometime before the summer heat begins in April making a war in hazmat suits more costly. Civil rights and democracy have already been suspended in America.

The expense has already been covered by simple theft and governmental extortion. The Imperium has already stolen the Boomer generation’s retirement and health care, bled to middle class to an early euthanasia, and has made deep inroads on extorting tax from the next three generations. This wealth, once expended on war, will not be returned to the American taxpayer of any class or generation. Once other markets have been plundered, the profits will go directly into the bank accounts of the global oligarchic class. The middle class will be euthanized by indifference and attrition.

Their intentions have been made painfully obvious by the North Korea situation. The threat is not simply that North Korea will market nuclear weapons in the future, but the probability is that they have already done so, long before their intentions became known. They did this, just like any other free market, in  order to finance their military industrial complex and to create a future market share. The salient message delivered by Bush’s refusal to focus effort away from Iraq and onto North Korea is that to attack or buy off North Korea is incredibly costly and offers no market place or economic return, whereas a first-strike invasion of Iraq is much less costly and returns the market/economic control over middle eastern oil markets coupled with the suppression of the European Market economy.

This matter of market place and economic control and the plundering of foreign markets and resources reveals a number of underlying goals:

1.        That this is the continuation of a class war that was, in fact inaugurated with the election of Reagan and has now been globalized.

2.        This is an economic war against the European Union, which is a major competitor for the American market. Once the EU has been dominated and ingested into the American Imperium, the combined Global Oligarchy is poised the take over and dominate the Asian Market, including China, Japan, Korea and the Indian subcontinent.

3.        This control of the Global market is a matter of controlling fossil fuel; who get how much and at what rate. The first step is the takeover and control of OPEC.

4.        Clinton’s GAT and NAFTA was essentially a license for economic predators to operate without restraint in a global feeding ground. It sold the rights of America and other nations to protect and regulate their own economy. The Bush analog is to remove any further regulation of the globalized feeding frenzy by neutralizing or eliminating the United Nations as an International governing force.

5.        In that the American people will be economically impoverished by the transfer of wealth from its pockets, through war, and into the pockets of a global oligarchy, and the suspension of civil liberties and democracy, and the degradation of the future quality of American life, and the potential loss of American lives; this is also a war declared by the Bush Imperium against the American people.

In fact, the invasion and occupation of Iraq is the prelude of the Bush Imperium war against:

1.        Iraq

2.        Palestine

3.        The European Market

4.        Next; Iran, North Korea, Venezuela

5.        Ultimately, the Asian markets

6.        The United Nations

7.        The people of the United States

8.        A class war on a global scale

9.        A religious war of unprecedented fanaticism by fundamentalist on all sides

This is a Globalized class war utilizing religious fanaticism and sometimes disguised as a religious crusade/jihad. It will eliminate democracy on a global scale, polarize classes so that all the world is only the third world. It will go a long way to the annihilation of the species.

The Global Analogy of the American Civil War.

The only response available to the rest of the world, including former allies such as the European Union, Russia, China and Japan, and the remaining Third World is to organize against the US Imperium, which includes its new best friends England and Spain. This means that the rest of the world will need to take over control of the United Nations, or will need to create a new United Nations.

US policy if forcing the creation of a world wide union whose specific goal will be in direct economic, military and political confrontation with the US.

This will be in effect the analog of the American Civil War on a Global scale. In this instance America itself will take on the part of the Southern States. Instead of the physical slavery of black people as represented by the Southern States in the Civil War, the US Imperium represents the forces of global economic slavery.

In addition, since this global power struggle is based on the control of fossil fuels, it will force the rest world to develop alternative energy sources, both high risk nuclear and renewable. In this, the US will eventually be left behind in its reliance of fossil fuels, always assuming that the species itself survives that long.

Homo Sapiens Decide To Commit Species Annihilation

Annihilation of the human species is not just idle paranoia. Simply consider the state of global weaponry.

The lower limits of human suffering and death that will ensue from this war over the following generations is staggering. The potential for the annihilation of the species is all too high. The quantity and quality of the currently existing arsenal of weapons of mass destruction is more than able to annihilate the species many thousands of times. By promoting a world of economic slavery and predation, the human species has long ago chosen to create the current global state of increasing martial frenzy, competing imperial interests and powerful fanatics with nothing left to lose.

Now imagine a world in which the currently existing arsenal of weapons of mass destruction is magnified a thousand fold and then placed in the hands of fanatics, sociopaths, the insane, the stupid and the desperate of all religious, racial and class stripes, including the free market fundamentalists currently governing the US Imperium.

Only madmen will be possession of the weapons of human annihilation. And they are not afraid to use them.

The Current Min/Max Decision for Global War

Until now the US and a few other have maintained a monopoly on the weapons of mass destruction, primarily nuclear. This monopoly on power was used to economically plunder the rest of the world, which in turn gave rise to the terrorism response.  The rest of the world is now, however, in a position to compete in terms of weapons of mass destruction, both as nuclear/fissionable weapons and in the area of their lest costly chemical and biological analogs.

The Empire consisting of America and its industrialized allies is based on the monopoly of power required to plunder the rest of the world with impunity. This is based ultimately on the threat of military conquest. Now that the monopoly on weapons of mass destruction is threatened by a determined and fanatical set of competitors, the Empire is faced with a min/max type of decision.

It must dominate global markets, neutralize competing weapons of mass destruction, eliminate all forms of international regulation and establish a global hegemony before it is no longer able to do so. In a very few years it will be too late for the US Imperium to accomplish such a global hegemony.

It must act now by means of military might, or live in a world of equal and competing national interests which include a more equitable distribution of global wealth.

Simply put, the US based oligarchy will no longer be able to dictate economic fate of the globe. It will longer be to economically exploit the less powerful nations on the planet. For free market fundamentalists, whose slogan is free trade but whose goal is monopoly and economic domination, this intolerable.

And they are willing to kill millions to retain their domination. They are willing to kill millions of Americans to retain their domination. They are willing to sacrifice and destroy American democracy, civil liberties, freedom of speech, the middle class and economic prosperity to retain their domination. They are willing to destroy the United Nations to retain their domination. They are willing to risk a world wide holocaust and a long term class war to retain their domination. They are prepared to risk the annihilation of the species to retain their domination.

They have been actively pursuing this program since, at least , the election of Ronald Reagan. And only now has the electorate of the industrialized world taken notice.

The horse is out of the barn. It is too late to stop Armageddon. It is time for triage. It is time to focus what remains of intelligent activism on what might save the species. It is not as though there is nothing left to do.

1.        George Bush, the oligarchy he represents, his supporters including democrats must go.

2.        American democracy must be recovered.

3.        The current judiciary in the US must be replaced.

4.        Money must be removed from dominating American politics.

5.        An actual multi-party system needs to be implemented

6.        A democratic form of taxation needs to be implemented

7.        The information media must be taken away from its ownership by global oligarchs and returned to its ownership by the people.

8.        Free market fundamentalism must be subjected to a global and enforceable regulation.

9.        All nations must be disarmed, especially superpowers and other international bullies and terroist states such as the US Imperium.

10.     The establishment of a true globalized economy in which the wealth stolen by the oligarchs is more equitably distributed. Only this will eliminate the cultural matrix that generates terrorism.

11.     The political state in which humans are second class citizens to the rights of profit making machines must be reversed.

I truly suspect the current enthusiasm for protesting against a war which has been fait acomplis since September 11, 2001 will not translate into an effective activism against those very policies and institutions that are responsible for creating the war in the first place.

The electorate is too stupid and too apathetic to sustain its protest over the very long time spans it will require to truly make a world worth living in by all the babies of peoples around the globe. This war will last generations (unless it goes nuclear and catastrophic early on, a distinct and unpleasant possibility). It will take an intelligent and dedicated attention span of a least that magnitude to effect real change in a political/economic paradigm that has been in effect since the Bronze Age.

Quit simply, I do not believe that the human species is intelligent enough to avoid its own self annihilation.

I would love to proved wrong.

Self Defense In The Post Apocalyptic World

When the invasion of Iraq occurs watch carefully to determine whether or not Saddam makes use of proscribed weapons, biological, chemical or nuclear,  against the invading force.

If does so it a certain sign that he has leverage against the predictable Imperial response. The US Imperium has already announced it is ready to go nuclear in response to Saddam’s use of proscribed weapons.

Saddam’s only viable leverage can be terrorist attacks of significant magnitude against civilian targets in the US and Britain.

This may range from infrastructure attacks against energy, food, media and financial systems, to biological, chemical and dirty nuke weapons.

You will need to be prepared to safeguard your survival. You may be needed to help others. You must have some means of communicating with your loved ones.

There is no shame in taking reasonable precautions against such events when your currently governing leadership has demonstrated its willingness to throw away your lives for less than no good reason at all.

Michael Andrews

13 March 2003