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Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant!

Hail Ceasar, those who are about to die salute you.



Thursday, April 10, 2003



Yesterday Donald Rumsfeld announced the next target of Imperial American Fascism.


This recent tactic is merely another step in the overall larger strategy as outlined in PNAC, The Project for the New American Century, of which Mr. Rumsfeld is a founding member. As a group it does represent the majority of the roll call of the conspirators who are the current major forces of human evil, and as a web site it does outline the some of the goals and strategies of the New American Fascism.


Human evil is the only evil I can attest to as actually existing, and it is comprised of the pain, suffering and death suffered by millions of human beings that has been caused by other human beings for no other reason than self gain. This is the only evil in the world that humans control either on the personal level or on the national level. It is the only evil that humans can prevent and the only evil that humans ought to have avoided.


But then, the label “homo sapiens sapiens” is merely a self aggrandizing wish, not a fact.


PNAC & The Goals Of American Fascism



A philosophy or system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictatorship  of the extreme right, typically through the merger of state and business leadership, stringent socioeconomic controls especially over industry and commerce, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

           The word derives from the name of a symbol of authority, fascio, “bundle, (political) group,” but also refers to the movement's emblem, the fasces, a bundle of rods bound around a projecting axe-head that was carried before an ancient Roman magistrate by an attendant as a symbol of authority and power.


And Republican Rome did not last long. Imperial Rome did not achieve world peace.


Jingoism, belligerent nationalism, xenophobia and racism have long been institutionalized in America and embedded in the American psyche, and despite gains made in the last few decades they remain firmly entrenched as tools for motivating the most egregious forms public action.


Since WW2, and as revitalized since the election of Reagan, the merger of business and state has finally been accomplished. The remnants of American democracy are now solely controlled by business leadership. Although the founding Fathers had the perspicacity to formalize the separation of state and religion, the mid 20th century experiences with fascism and nazism did not teach us to institutionalize the separation of state and business.


Too late now.


The system of American Democracy is now well beyond self repair by any legal and practical means.


The goals of American Fascism as outlined by PNAC (found at http://www.newamericancentury.org/) represent nothing less than world domination. The means are both militaristic and economic and begin with long held plan to conquer Iraq. As such, Iraq has become something of a Holy Grail in the Free Market Fundamentalist dream. As soon as Kaiser Bush was elected it was a foregone conclusion.


It is, of course an illegal war, designed and implemented by war criminals. It breaks the UN charter, Nato agreements, the Nuremburg and Geneva Conventions, let alone all sense of moral and ethical decency. There is, of course no international body left who has the ability to bring such criminals to trial and so, like nearly all the most egregious forms of human evil, it will go well and truly rewarded.


The timing coincides with the fruition of the Reagan policies designed to implement the neutralization of democracy, the control of media, polarization of classes, control of the courts, oligarchic ownership of the Congress, destruction and class orientation of education, global military supremacy, and the deregulation of business on all levels, especially any one national regulation, since any particular nation may succumb to the evils of democracy and humanism. In this sense, globalization means above the law.


The fruition of such inhumane policies coincide with the min/max situation of American hegemony over global wealth and its global monopoly of the weapons of mass destruction. Predatory free market economies must maintain control over oil resources for the near future, and the dissemination of terrorism and the cheaper, more available weapons of mass destruction means that the last moments have arrived for America to either conquer the world by fascistic means, or to elect to become just one of many markets in a globalized balance of powers. No doubt, peaceful cohabitation with the rest of the world is offensive to the sensibilities of American Free Market fundamentalism



Regulation and control of economies come in two basic flavors and they are often intentionally confused by the right wing for purposes of the control of the hearts and minds of the electorate, who, in America, are no longer intelligent enough to discern the distinction:

1.        Fascistic control, often called free market and globalized, controls the market for the benefit of an oligarchic elite, usually in close association with militarism, class polarization, and imperial  conquests under the aegis of liberation and protection.

2.        Humanistic control regulates the economy to protect the majority of humans from the predatory aggression of the oligarchic elite. In practice this requires a healthy, intelligent middle class keeping a zealous eye on the health of the institutions of democracy, which, by implication, requires a depolarization of classes. This is considered to be a great evil by the oligarchs, since such regulation is often denigrated with the labels of the redistribution of wealth and socialism.




If Roosevelt Were Alive Today He Would Have To Conclude That We Are The Enemy


The parallels between the fascistic goals and strategies of contemporary America, and the mid 20th century rise of fascism, particularly in Nazi Germany, are simply to clear to ignore. The tactical unification of disparate police organizations into a national police combined with the erosion of civil liberties have given America it’s own version of the SS called Homeland Security. As it and the Empire evolve, no doubt its powers will increase correspondingly and their brief will expand in the direction of domestic terrorists, which will include the average American citizen. They did not even have enough common sense to note the similarity between the words “Homeland” and “Fatherland.” No doubt, they wished to capitalize the natural American tendency toward xenophobia. Along with media control and ownership of government, the German annexation of Austria in response to a terrorist attack by a Dutch citizen, followed by Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, etc parallels the American military adventurism in Panama, Granada, Nicaragua, Iraq 92, and now Iraq 2003. The passing of laws for national security, control of commerce, erosion of civil liberty, suspension of democracy, expulsion and suppression of foreigners and dissent, control of media all have well documented parallels. 


Using the same logic of nonsense as was used to indite Iraq and them to condemn it without proof or trial, yesterday Donald Rumsfeld announced the next target of American Fascism to be Syria. The Syrians, it turns out, are aiding and abetting the Iraqis, who aided and abetted Al Qaida, who attacked the World Trade Towers, ergo, we will soon discover that Syria destroyed the World Trade Towers on 9-11. Actually Russia has also aided the Iraqis with trivial military goods, but that is too big a bite to chew; for now.


From the point of view of PNAC Syria is the logical next step. Before that, the immediate need is to declare a Phyrric Victory in Iraq. This “victory” will be based entirely on the destruction of Iraqi governmental institutions.


Reconstruction means strictly the transfer of wealth from the American electorate, primarily the dying middle class, to the imperial war machinery and military industries of American Fascism, in order to fund the conquest and destruction. The wealth then flows from the confiscated oil through the myth of reconstruction as implemented by those selected American corporations owned and operated entirely by the American Oligarchy and as represented by the membership of PNAC. This is simply a second rate rebuilding of the infrastructure that Iraqis already had and were purposefully destroyed by the conquest. So, the American middle class will die out, paying for the second rate life style of Iraqi citizens while the real and immense wealth will pour from the Iraqi oil fields into the coffers of the PNAC fascists. Not one cent of this will be returned to the American citizen in terms of life style, health care, education, infrastructure, retirement funds or brand new Toyotas.


All of this has already been lost.


The economic idea is terrifyingly simple; the America Fascists engineer everyone else into paying for the costs of conquest, and then ensure that all the wealth is absorbed back into the coffers of the Fascists. It is, after all, simply just good business sense. Plunder free, sell high. It is a bronze age form economic predation instituted with empire and cattle theft.


The humanitarian conditions, on the other hand, such as democracy and liberation for Iraqi citizens mean less than nothing. At best, they represent only the PR conditions necessary for the Iraqi populace to peacefully submit to the yoke and for the rest of the world to not interfere. The governance of Iraq will be consigned to some puppet dictator duly elected by the Iraqi people and totally controlled by the American Fascists, something akin to the Vichy government in Nazi France. Failing that, the next choice will be the separation of Iraq as a nation from its oil by the creation of some form of American protectorate; a Kurdistan say, (which the Turks would not like, but then the opinions of the Turks ceased to matter when they decided to not play ball with the American conquest and join the coalition of the willing), or perhaps some form of Banana Republic run by a friendly Ayatollah from Iran.


The costs of any PR projects such as humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people will be foisted onto Japan, the EU and the UN, all under the imperial threat of economic punishment now made possible since the oil markets are well on the way to being entirely controlled by American Fascists. The economic health of both the European Union and the Asian markets are now under control of the new American Hegemony, and so will be forced to begin funding the ancillary costs of the conquest.


Two immediate goals will be established following a victory over Iraq; the control of oil markets and the establishment of a permanent and long term American military presence, something similar to the Korean DMZ and the post-war American bases in Germany. In all likelihood, in an effort to be thrifty, we can look for a transfer of military resources to take place from Europe to Iraq, where, after all, might really counts in terms of oil resources.


During the post war reconstruction, beginning in the next few weeks through the next year or so, presumably well in advance of the American Presidential campaign season, the rhetoric against Syria will wildly escalate, and so too will the economic sanctions in order to drive the Syrians to some desperate action. After the establishment of US military basses in Iraq, Qattar and Kuwait, Syria will be trapped between the hostile jaws of Israel on the West and the America Military protectorate on the East. This will result in the conquest of Syria, and this time with the military aid of Israel, either in fact, or simply as a potential threat and blocking force. Look for the final solution to the Palestinian problem to occur at the same time. It would be quite sensible for the American Fascists to offer the Israeli Fascists small chunks of Syria in exchange for the creation of a Palestinian State. Palestine, after all, would have no oil and only hungry mouths to feed.



The Global Oil Belt


Once accomplished the American Fascists and their Israeli client state will control a military and economic power base running from the Mediterranean across the Mid East to the Persian Gulf. This effectively dissects Eurasia from Africa and is the first step in the progressive take over of the global oil belt.


It is an odd circumstance that the overwhelming majority of oil resources in the world lie on or near a global belt beginning with North Africa, through Mid East, on to Indonesia and around to Northern South American and Venezuela. This belt will soon be caught in the pincer of American economic/military power in the Western Hemisphere and the American/Israeli economic/military bloc in the Mid East.


After Syria, the next logical step will be Iran, caught between American military power both in the new Iraqi protectorate and in Afghanistan. As a conquest whose goal is to bring democracy and liberation, Iran will be the easiest, least expensive and least damaging in PR terms than the remaining and final Mid East conquest of choice; Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, is after all, the home of Mecca, and Allah knows the Bush Administration does not to unduly arouse the ire every Muslim on the planet. But, push come to shove, he will.


At the point of such a Blitzkrieg against Iran, Saudi may well be brought under American control simply because its demise is a forgone conclusion, and the Saud family, ever the pragmatists, will elect to retain their wealth by handing over political and military control rather than being conquered as a mere afterthought. Once Syria has been conquered and the conquest of Iran underway, presumably, the Saud boys will see the light. Failing their good sense, military occupation of Saudi Arabia should be only slightly more difficult than the great American conquest of Granada.


The accomplishment of such a PNAC strategy and the artificial bolstering of the US economy should be adequate to get George the Second reelected in 2004 along with much of the Congress, thus setting the stage for Armageddon.



Shock & Awe: A Kinder, Gentler Terrorism


And by then, as an added benefit, and since the brutality and unstoppable nature of the American military juggernaut will be well established by recent precedence, North Korea will probably stop overtly irritating the sleeping dragon in North America. The real meaning of Shack and Awe and international terrorism will be obvious to all.


Some form of Armageddon is already a forgone conclusion along with the demise of the American economy. American Fascism can conquer nation after nation and will still lose the war in the long run. Meanwhile, it seems that the plan for America is to become a sort of Switzerland of the Western Hemisphere, managing and laundering wealth for the American Fascist Hegemony. I would assume that the super rich oligarchic class may wish to migrate to some peaceful and idyllic nook of the planet, since American soil will be the target of terrorist counterattacks for decades to come. Just consider how many decades it has been that Israel has lived in a state of self induced terrorism. Not to worry, these day a well oiled Fascistic Dictatorship can be easily run by remote. No middle class is required. And especially, no democracy will be tolerated, either at home, or abroad. It will certainly not be allowed in client states such as Iraq.


The Armageddon will come about in reaction to such a Global American Hegemony. It will force every nation that is not a member of the Coalition of the Willing to arrive at the conclusion that there is no choice but to unite against American Fascism, much as happened against German fascism, only this time with even more horrific results, and even less chance of winning. It will be lose/lose for human on the planet.



Those Who Are About To Die


Domestically, it is time for those who can to flee American Fascism. Find someplace quiet, New Zealan, the Amazon, Micronesia; the choice is personal and the choice is by no means certain. Either you will be killed by friendly fire in the American judicial system, or you will become the collateral damage of the general war of terrorism that will, sooner or later, be launched against American citizenry.


Those who are about to die by friendly fire include the liberals, the loyal opposition and anyone espousing any form of democracy that guarantees self determination of either individuals or of nations and all the forces that believe in peace, freedom and humanistic values.


Already the term “traitor” is in more frequent use. Suppression of opinion is in full force from the military, to the average citizen, and most of all in the media. The sanctioning of torture as a means to effect the goals of national security has already been implemented in Afghanistan, and in the national media with such television shows as 24 and The Agency.


The term “liberal” has been a term of derision since Dukemajian granted the right to George Bush the First.


The media control over the conquest of Iraq is almost total. American journalism is embedded in both military units and in Corporate American Governance. Alternative voices, demonstrations and the dissenting forces of peace and freedom are suppressed. Al Jazeera is off the Web. Independent journalism has been given a warning shot by the deaths of three journalists as the “accidental” result of American friendly fire.


If you look up the definition of fascism in www.dictionary.com you will find that it has been redefined by omitting any reference to business, commerce or industry. Business no longer wants you to associate business with the idea of fascism.


Along with the ongoing erosion of civil liberties, the hysteria of national security, a secret national police, the institutionalizing of citizens turning in other citizens for crimes against the state can only mean that the forces of American Fascism will soon have to clean house. You cannot have dissent or debate and keep the trains on time. This house cleaning can amount to far more than the mere suppression of dissent. It will probably result in arrests, trials, executions and the disappearances of opposition.


In Nazi German only those Jews escaped who could see the writing on the wall, had the resources to effect an escape with a significant number of loved ones and personal resources and who did it in time. The rest merely remained to become oven fodder and to be utilized as lamp shades.


Do not make the mistake of believing that it could never happen here, in the land of the free and the brave. It happened to Germany, to Rome, to Athens, to Hellenistic empires, to Babylon, to the Aztecs, to the Incas. I can see nothing special about the American form fascism and empire that would allow it to escape the fate the fascists and empires before.


Very few of the American opposition will see the such writing on the wall, or even accept such a possible scenario. Even fewer will have the resources and opportunity and even fewer than that will do it in time. The rest of us wait to face the Reagan/Bush judiciary. Perhaps we may become useful in some scientific experiment or other.


The only force left in the world able to stem this rush to annihilation is the American electorate. There is still time. I do not hold out much hope or optimism, since the American electorate is to docile, too stupid, too content, too apathetic, too greedy, too xenophobic and too hysterical to take any realistic action.




A Dimming Of Those Ten Thousand Lights


I applaud every one of you who has had the courage and intelligence to fight against these forces of human evil. I believe it has little hope of success, but it remains necessary and not entirely pointless. Remember the possible consequences of facing tyranny. There may soon come a time when the punishments meted out to people of conscience will force them to go silent, and, one by one, the lights of human decency will cease to shine in the final day of the American Dream. In a world run by madmen and savages, not many good deeds go unpunished.


Without such dissent, it would have to be concluded that all of humanity is less than intelligent and more than evil.


I know, and much of the world knows, that there are some who have risen above the laws of the jungle.


I wish you luck.


Michael Andrews