Michael Andrews Arts

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The Xmas Tree Massacre

by Michael Andrews


Artist Book

A single poem from The Xmas Tree Massacre project and associated photography. First Printed 2005. 8 5x7 inch pages of text using Bernhard Modern and Antikva typefaces, integrated with 4 photographic illustrations.


Pamphlet Edition:




The Xmas Tree Massacre

A Tale Of Revenge

I wanted you to know
that the only reason
that I got you that present
two years ago
was to get even
for the present you gave me
the year before.
And when you gave John
a present that was
better than mine,
I got you
an even better one
the next year
to let you know
that I was pissed.
So this year
I know that you
will give me a really
exquisite present
and that makes me feel
and bad.

I thought about buying
the world for you
but I'm feeling bad
and times are tough
and I want you to know
that I'm declaring
bankruptcy this year.
That is, I have some money
but my head's gone broke.

this year
I can only give
what I've only got,
and all I've got is love
and stale wisdom.
But I've got no tree.
I've got no mind.
And I've got no gifts.

The thing is,
I want you to know
that I really care for you
and that's why I've got nothing
but a slightly soured cynicism
and this skinny poem.

I also want you to know
that next year
I will get even
and get you a present
more clever
more money
and more you.

A present for a present.

The more you give,
the less you have.