Michael Andrews Arts

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Poems by Michael Andrews


Artist Book

8x5 inch page format, 110 pages, bound in green leather, printed with pigment inks on archival paper. The 50 or so poems collected in this book are taken from the web site www.mdaarts.com where they are used as examples of the contents of various artist books. As such they represent a broad range of the best poetry across a spectrum of published works. It may be added that they are, by no means, the only "best" poetry.
Since they are available on the web site to be read or used by any and all they are presented here as both an expensive artist book and soon as a free E-book, both available, or will soon be available at www.mdaarts.com. The Artist Book was composed and first printed in 2011.
It only remains for me to ask that if they are used for any reason at all that the credit line reflects the author as Michael Andrews along with the Artist Book from which they are derived and the relevant web site www.mdaarts.com.
Limited to 49 copies plus 2 artists proofs. The text is composed with Bernhard Modern typeface.