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Running the San Juan River in Southern Utah, from Bluff through Eight Foot Rapids, Mexican Hat, Anasazi Ruins, The Goosenecks, Government Rapids, Slickhorn Gulch, Grand Gulch, Steer Gulch, river rats, rafters, flash floods and finally, ending in Clay Hills at Lake Powell. In 1976, the bicentennial, one year after the fall of Saigon, two escapees from the war in Vietnam run the San Juan River. 180, 9x12 inch pages of text integrated with 126 photographic elements and printed on 190 gram, 100% rag, archival paper. There are a total of 38 separate photographic pigment prints printed on 300 gram paper. Each print is numbered and signed by the author. Limited to 17 copies.
The edition is loose leaf in linen binding with the cover image in a recessed window. The slipcase is made of various woods and is lined with black lucite, with a clear lucite window revealing the cover image. The price varies according to the type of wood selected. For pine, fir, redwood & cedar there is no additional charge. For oak, maple & mahogany there is an additional charge of $50.00. For rosewood, teak, walnut, padouk, cocobolo & cherry there is an additional charge of $100.00
Individual prints are available in various sizes.




Lizard On A Rock
San Juan River, Utah, 1976

Sweat and puff,
up the gulch —
Slickhorn is a granite frying pan.

I lean against a rock,
resting in the shade.
There is a lizard
bathing in the sun.

I walk over to take his picture —
wrong lens.

He waits politely,
doing a few push ups
now and then
while I change lenses.

After I take his picture

he sticks his tongue
in and out
about two hundred times.

As I begin huffing on up the canyon
he twists one eyeball my way and shouts,

"If it turns out
send me a print."