Michael Andrews Arts

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Poet's Task

Writing The Poem, by Michael Andrews


Artist Book

· the makings of a poet
· writing poetry in the current idiom
· a history and current definition of poetry
· how to get into the trance, develop the craft and revise the poem,
· exercises and various sources of information
· an eight week poetry workshop with a class syllabus for the desperate teacher
· the thankless task of getting published

This book is about how to write a poem as well as a definition of a poem. It was first printed in 2011, although the contents were developed from teaching in the early 1990's. It is printed with 128 pages in a 5x8 inch page format using pigment inks. The binding is leather with labels attached to the front and rear covers,. The end sheets are Guatemalan hand woven cotton.
Limited to 49 copies plus 2 artists proofs. The text is composed with Lydian and Albertus typefaces.