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On Photography

A Current Project


On Photography is an unsettled matter.
      I am not sure what the contents will be as yet, except that it is supposed to include both the process and the market, which is to some degree already representd by The Book Peddlar. It is also meant to include other photographers.
      It will contain few images of myself, which is to some degree represented by Self Portraits, as well as other photographers, both well-known and amatuers.
      I did not get to meet Edward Weston although the end of his life coincided with the beginning of mine. I was simply too young and too stupid to know what I was missing. Dick Miller's picture of him closing the gate always reminds me of my grandfather. Edward seemed like a man I would like to have known.
      So much for forsight and good fortune. Fortunately I knew Dick very well, and he was a man well worth knowing. We agreed about everything except Bill Clinton whom I thought was a Republican in sheep's clothing. I first met Dick in 1969, coming home from Vietnam on R&R. I gave him my Pentax 6x7 to take care of and left it with him until I had to sell it in 1978 in ordeer to pay for an ill-fated motorcycle ride to Peru. On the other hand I did get some pictures.
      The things we do for art.




The Sunset At The End Of The Freeway

I got on the on-ramp going south
but they wouldn't let me in
and I went right off again
going east
and got lost in Westwood
on my way the other way.
So I drove up an off-ramp
dodging people
dodging me
who thought they got off
on an on-ramp.
But I ran out of gas,
managed to roll
back down the off-ramp
dodging people
dodging me
who saw me go up
and thought it was an on-ramp.
In the gas station
at the bottom of the ramp
I put in $1.32
fired her up
but the steering wheel lock
and I could only turn left.
So I had to go
in this long series of epicycles
Santa Monica to Venice,
to West Hollywood,
to Culver City,
to Inglewood,
to South L.A.
to Gardena,
to Hawthorne,
to Torrance,
to Manhattan Beach,
to Hermosa.
I drove the car off
the pier near home.
That night
I photographed the sun.
It was a serious underexposure