Michael Andrews Arts

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Machu Picchu 1,2,3

by Michael Andrews


Artist Book - Pamphlet Edition

A single poem from the Machu Picchu project and associated photography. First Printed 2005. 8 5x7 inch pages of text using Bernhard Modern and Antikva typefaces, integrated with 2 photographic illustrations.




Machu Picchu


You chip the stone
no steel
just bronze and more stone.
You lift 12 tons
no wheels
no levers.
When your stomach hurts
you chew the coca
and go on.

The Inca died.
The Spaniard
never found his city,
raped the rest
stole the gold
and died of embracing
diseased sheep.
500 years later
the city died
of cultural syphilis.
The Indian
still chews
the coca.


Civilization is a wonderful thing.
The Incas had it.
Like all the rest
it was based on
the penis and the spear.
Either way
it all comes down
to thrust.
Some guy named Pachacutec
in 1420
flogged a zillion Indians
into building
the largest whorehouse
in America.
Chip that stone.
Tote that rock.


The christians will tell you
that all the women
that the Inca kept here
were virgins.

But it's not likely
that the Incas
were as stupid
as christians.
They were pornographic
as the Chinese
and the east Indians,
all those temple prostitutes
specializing in stone fellatio.
It pleases me to think
it was the virgins
they sacrificed
on the huge stone altars.
You had to be crazy
to kill a good lay.

The Incas made a ceramic pipe
in the form of a man
with an erection.
On the wedding night
they smoked cocaine
and blew the smoke
through the clay penis
into the bride's vagina
until the hymen
was anaesthetized
so she would feel
no pain
in the first
act of love.

Now that
was civilization.