Michael Andrews Arts

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by Michael Andrews


Artist Book - Small Book Edition

A single poem and associated photography. First Printed 2004. 16 4½x5 inch pages of text using American, Lintball, Centaur and Lydian typefaces, integrated with 6 photographic illustrations. Case bound, hand sewn and signd by the author.





It takes a long time
to get 4 pennies.
It takes most of a summer
and it takes
sacrifice and patience
and now and then, a scam.
"Red," I say,
"I've got to have a red one."
The first one out is green
and I give it to Grubby.
Grubby will eat
any color he can get.
Blue is not so bad,
so I put it in my pocket.
I know I'm in trouble
when I get the orange one,
but Grubby doesn't mind a bit.
My last penny
falls into the slot,
I twist the knob around
and it clatters
through the gears.
The gumballs rumble
and I hear one
rattle down the chute.

"White," I yell. "I hate white."

White is no color at all.
White has got no taste.
It follows the other two
into Grubby's puffing cheeks.
My kid brother
drops in his only penny,
twists the crank,
pulls out a red gumball
and pops it in his mouth
and that's the way life is.

Blue – is not so bad.