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Gnomes refers to gnomic poetry, a fornmal definition applying to a certain variety of archaic Greek poetry. The primary definition was short, pithy, aphoristic poems, usually cast in an oracular voice. My own form of gnomic poetry is reflected here.
As an artistic conceit I have defined gnomic photographs as images of small objects, or details of objects, sometimes almost abstract.



Gnomic Poems

And A Good Day

So I went out
and fired up the car
and everything was smooth
and I went to the market
and I got everything I wanted
and the checkline had no line
and I had money in my account
and I drove home singing
and the traffic parted way
and all the signals were green
and I was happy
and I was in control
and I smiled at the people
and the people smiled at me
and I had the world wired.       


Down and pause and tug and up
calm as rocks without a thought,
spinning on the ends of strings,
snap the wrist, hold the spin
tug the finger and back to palm,
snug and smooth and ready to go
walk the dog along the street,
then rock the cradle and then
the arm snakes out and out we go
straight for the horizon
and up to the sky, hold on tight
and catch your breath, the sky
is down, the ground above
and back over our heads
spin and twirl and dizzy
and down and plunge and out
and tug and back and snug
into the palm, around the world
it's magic time, after school
and before dinner, we stand
outside and giggle in the sun

and we never think of love.