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Flo's Flowers

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Over the years I got many flowers for Flo.
Of course she likes her buds fresh, smelling of sping and roses, but I liked them when they began to die. They had more character then, showed more about life than the spring buds.




Happy Birthday To Flo
   Saturday, 27 Nov 2010

Nothing to do.
No place to go.
All dressed up
and I don't have
a pair of shoes to polish.

My Angel is still in bed,
snoozing off yesterday's caffé latté.
Starbucks strikes again.

We've been together
for 43 years,
married for six
and I still have no idea
what to say on a birthday.

When in doubt go to Vons
and get some flowers –
flowers will save almost any
male from a fate worse than fate.

I ought to print the picture I took of her
in Cambria five days ago.
The natural recalcitrance of computers
has buffaloed me, the disk being full
and the printer in non-cooperation mode.

After I beat the odds I will pick up
the tree I cut down yesterday,
pile prints in the darkroom,
try to clear a path in the attic
for the roofers coming next Wednesday,
and then we will go someplace
to eat a birthday protein,
maybe sashimi, or a rice free sushi roll –

I still can't eat a carbohydrate,
complex or otherwise,
without turning red
and feeling like dog meat.

Flo takes care of me.
I don't know why,
and I do take a lot of maintenance –

I suppose it is because
we love one another
more than mortals ought.