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Variations On A Dying Bouquet

Artist Book - Large Book Editions

Large book editions have page formats running from 18x24 to 24x36 inches and are printed on a 300 gram, natural, 100% rag, archival paper. The bindings vary; loose leaf, case bound, Coptic and others, numbered and signed by the author, and limited to around 11 copies.


First Printed 2006. Case bound, hand sewn. 16, 24x32 inch pages, including 12 pigment images. The cover is a printed label. The text is composed with Centaur and Albertus typefaces.
The original image is of a number of flowers in a stick like box. The flowers are wilting, just before dying, and some roots have crept out between the crevice of the box. This image is repeated throughout, including 11 full sized variations, including two isolated elements and also displayed on the end sheets and cover.
The images are available as separate prints.
24x32 inch — Digital Edition.





The sun is sliding down the sky.
The sea stretches wide
its dark, gray womb.

A single flower
stands in the window.

The sun paints its shadow
on the wall.


Poem Composed While Clearing The Breakfast Table
Sick With A Virus, And Preparing To Teach
The Poetry Workshop

In this avalanche of words
rings a deadly silence.

We will not speak of
the transience of things.

We cut the azalea,
encrypt it in ceramic
and watch

until it's petals fall.