Michael Andrews Arts

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Book Of The Sea

Poems and pictures relating to the sea, by Michael Andrews


Artist Book

An Artist Book of poems and photographs, case bound with printed covers.
A lifetime ago, before I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and lost my ability to print on the letterpress or use the darkroom to make prints, I did a show in Ketchum Idaho with a friend who was a successful water colorist. We did not sell a single painting. Words do not sell a print in a logophobic market.
Nowadays the urge to simplicity and the atrophying of words, text and ideas and the war on intelligence has moved into the book world as well. Words and ideas are even more taboo than they were in the 1980s.
In defiance of accepted taste, I have constructed this book utilizing all of the poems from that doomed exhibition. The images are likewise unacceptable in that they tend to be highly digitized and printed inkjet.
48, 12x15 inch pages on 100% rag, archival paper, 25 poems & 27 pigment images, case bound with a printed with cover image. Set with Bernhard Modern & Carolus typefaces, printed on a natural rag paper.
Limited to 17 copies.





Two halves of a sea shell
meet like the wings of Angels
folded and resting from
dancing on the heads of pins.

Only two people who have
loved one another very much
could become a single Angel.

Every Angel is its own heaven.
and their shape is the shape
of two people making love.

It is the way we are,
dancing on the head of a pin,
you and I

an Angel