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Blue Bicycle

by Michael Andrews


Artist Book - Miniature Edition

An Artist Miniature Book of poems & photographs, case bound with printed covers. The title and poem, The Blue Bicycle, are both a take-off of the Wallace Steven's famous poem, The Red Wheelbarrow.
Richard C. Miller died at 98, a photographer who, due to the exigencies of life, remained unknown and was forced into relocating from his home in California to the Hudson Valley.
The Blue Bicycle is a miniature book comprised of 24, 2½x21/4 inch pages on 100% rag, archival paper, 4 poems & 5 images, case bound with a printed with cover image. Set with Lydian & Goudy Old Style typefaces, printed on a natural rag paper.
Limited to 50 copies.




Blue Bicycle

Nothing depends
the blue
dusted in smog
flat-tired beside
the cat's
dead mouse.

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