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In The Silence Of The Gods


Artist Book

109 Photographs, Coptic bound in leather, printed with image detail from a ceiling in Meteora.
Coptic bound, In The Silence Of The Gods is a work of poetry and 109 photographic images relating several trips to Greece in 1971 and 1974. It includes quotes from other works relating to Greece as well as translations of Archilochus and Arion.
First Printed 2006. Limited to 17 copies. Coptic bound in goatskin. 192, 9x12 inch pages on 100% rag, archival paper with no optical brighteners, including approximately 109 pigment images, printed & hand bound by the author. The two cover images are printed on the goatskin itself. The text is composed with Acropolis Now, Lydian and Diogenes typefaces.


Cats, Sun, Myself

Athens, 1974

Before the sun
and the infestation of the tourists,
I am the first into the Acropolis.

Athens is quiet that moment before
the sun claws its way over the horizon.

There are only a few cats, a few birds
the sun, my self
and this bright,